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Raising Short-term Funds with the New Buy-Back Offer from


Get your FREE offer now has introduced a new and innovative service for people in the UAE who are looking to arrange short-term funds to meet their urgent cash needs. The new Buy-Back offer has been initiated in the UAE by to offer quick cash against a vehicle to people in need of short-term funds. With the new offer, customers can now sell a UAE registered vehicle to to get quick cash and buy the vehicle back whenever they want within 30, 60 or 90 days at a pre-agreed value.

Customers can get immediate cash for up to 95% of the market value of the vehicle and sellers of qualified vehicles will be offered a rental car on top of that with the guarantee that they can buy their vehicle back within three months. This one-of-a-kind initiative by will potentially allow people in the UAE to avoid stressful and tedious bank loan issuance process against a vehicle and help them raise short-term funds quickly when they need it the most.

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How does the Buy-Back Offer Work?

The new Buy-Back offer works for people who are in need of quick cash. This new initiative has been designed to offer customers a quick-cash facility whenever they need it by selling their car to and buying it back within three months. Mr Saygin Yalcin, the CEO of said that the new service of providing quick cash through the Buy-Back offer has been initiated to target those customers who have not used the services of the company yet. Customers will be able to get immediate cash for up to 95% of the value of the vehicle and they will not pay any interest on the vehicle’s value for the time it remains with However, the price of the car will be slightly higher when a customer buys it back from the company.

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Discussing the difference between the two prices, Mr Saygin Yalcin quoted an example that if a car was purchased by at AED 95,000, it will be sold back to the customer at around AED 100,000. For the time the car stays with, it will be stored in one of company’s nationwide air conditioned facilities and maintained with professional care. In this way, this initiative will cater to the benefits of both parties, that is, the customers in urgent need of cash and On the other hand, the sellers of qualified cars will also be offered a rental car when they sell their cars to after availing the Buy-Back offer.

Is the Buy-Back Offer Valid for Bank Leased Cars?

Yes, this offer is also valid for customers who are still paying the bank installments of their vehicles. In this scenario, will settle the remaining funds with the bank before buying the vehicle. The deal between the car owner and will be based on the net value of the vehicle.’s Buy-Back Offer VS Bank Loans

The option of applying for a bank loan against a vehicle is not a preferred choice for someone who is in need of urgent cash. The processing time for the issuance of loans can take weeks, which is why someone who needs quick cash will never find bank loans a suitable option. On the other hand, the Buy-Back offer from ensures that you are able to get quick cash by selling your car in virtually no time and buy it back whenever you want within the three months period.

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Customers will neither have to wait, nor will they have to complete the tedious bank loan documentation procedure to get the cash, they will just need to evaluate their vehicle through the online car valuation tool of and book an appointment for the physical inspection of the vehicle. Customers can choose to visit one of the 18 nationwide branches of for physical inspection of the vehicle and get quick cash by selling it. They will not have to worry about the post-sale paperwork either as handles it on its own to make the entire process fast, secure and hassle-free for its customers.

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With, it will now be possible to sell a car to receive quick cash and buy the car back within three months’ time. The recently launched Buy-Back offer makes it easy and stress-free to arrange short-term funds, which saves customers from the anxiety and fear of being unable to meet their urgent cash requirements. doesn’t make customers wait and offers immediate cash against up to 95% of the market value of the vehicle in the same day so that customers can meet their urgent cash requirements.

If you are looking for urgent cash against your vehicle, don’t forget that you can sell any used car to in just 30 minutes to avail the new Buy-Back offer while all the post-sale paperwork will be handled by’s team.

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