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Helping You Sell Your Car Effortlessly

My Startup World speaks to Saygin Yalcin, Founder and CEO of, to find out more about his online used car marketplace and how he plans to market it further.

How has the ecommerce market shaped up in Middle East and Africa region?
Promisingly. I see a lot of entrepreneurs starting companies in the internet sphere. I also see the press picking up on related topics. Moreover, there is huge growth in companies I am or was involved in. This is a sign that the general population is trusting electronic transactions more and more. However, we are still lagging behind in venture capital. Regional investors are still reluctant to deviate from traditional sectors, such as real estate. The Middle East is a gold mine for investments into the internet sphere. It would be a pity, if investors from other continents realize that, before our own regional investors do.

What does SellAnyCar do? is the Middle East’s first car buying service, which offers FREE and instant online car valuation, FREE car inspection, a GUARANTEE to purchase ANY car within 30 minutes, pay you immediately and take care of all the paperwork. Whatever the make, model, age or condition – will buy any car. How do we do it? Well, as the largest and most established buyer of cars, has the purchasing power to offer a competitive price for your car and to buy it straight away. With branches all over the country, is the easiest and quickest way to sell your car. collects your car’s details online – then all you need to do is come into any one of our locations around the country and after a quick inspection, we’ll transfer the money directly into your bank account. No haggling, no hassle.

Selling a car used to be a lengthy and risky process. Consumers were not sure about their car’s real values, needed to arrange too many appointments with time-wasters or might have ended up getting ripped off. makes selling any car easy, fair and quick. You can literally find out your car’s value within 15 seconds, sell your car and get paid during your lunch break. We are located in all major cities all over the country and soon will be the biggest car buyer in the region.

What is your target market and audience?
We buy ANY car from anyone who owns a car. We do not limit ourselves to any target audience. receives all kinds of nationalities on a daily basis. I recommend anyone who wants to sell a car in the UAE should try out It is 100% free.

Why SellAnyCar over other car showrooms and online marketplaces?
Selling a car can be a really annoying and complicated process; both time and power consuming for car owners. Clearly, it is something you do hardly every few years, so how should one get the routine that grants the best way to sell a car?

Private sales are often a choice for many sellers. But this usually accrues significant costs, while a return cannot be guaranteed, regardless of whether you advertise your car via print advertisement or through an online marketplace. It usually takes several appointments with a lot of time-wasters until you might sell your car.

Apart from the direct advertisement costs, private sales cause serious further expenses. In the Middle East, there is usually a time span of 3-6 weeks from first advertising to final sale. Furthermore, in advance of a successful deal, statistically you have to go through 4 – 6 meetings with potential buyers – again, a procedure that consumes both your time and money, while a positive return is still uncertain.

With your advertisement being displayed your phone may start ringing any time of the day and you have to manage meetings, but hardly in every case it is a real potential buyer.

This way you may also have to deal with shady and dubious elements. Should you let an unknown prospect actually test-drive your car? And even if the sale goes through, who guarantees you safe and secure payment and prevents you from receiving bouncing cheques? You could end up with no payment and no car.

Another option might be selling your car to a dealership. However, think about it – unless you are really an automotive expert yourself they will always try to outsmart you on the price. After all, that’s what their business model is basically about. Trade-Ins also don’t guarantee fair prices and accurate valuations – even more so, if the dealership sells different makes to the one of your car.

If you choose to give your car to a dealer to advertise it for you in his showroom, you might be without a car for several weeks and still have no guarantee of a sale.

Hence, if you want to sell your car hassle-free, while achieving a fair price, is the perfect solution. We guarantee to buy your car after a free and competent valuation – quick, easy, fair and everywhere.

How and when was SellAnyCar started? Why was it started to provide these services? launched in September 2013. solves a problem for consumers explained in the question above. The revenue model for SellAnyCar is used car trading. will be in the entire Middle East, including Turkey within 2014.

Are you involved in other verntures apart from SellAnyCar?
Yes, but only active in

Do you have any pearls of wisdom for budding entrepreneurs? What should they look out for before jumping onto the startup bandwagon?
You need to answer these questions before jumping:

  1. Does your idea solve a massive problem?
  2. Is the idea profitably scalable and how is the monetization strength?
  3. Are you passionate about it?
  4. Are there any regulatory showstoppers?
  5. Is it the right timing?

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Saygin is the Founder & CEO of the Middle East's (ME) first & largest car buying service, and Founder of the first & largest online private shopping club in the ME,, which has been acquired by, making him Partner at the and Jabbar Internet Group, becoming the largest ecommerce company in the Arab world, with 3000+ employees. In its largest acquisition outside the US to date, has acquired Group. He has been selected as a UBS Industry Leader, a network of Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals. He was also Advisory Board Member & Academic Lecturer of Entrepreneurship at the Canadian University of Dubai. He was referred to as "the region's online business guru" by the National newspaper in the UAE, while Arabian Business named him as "one of the region's finest young entrepreneurs and a major part of the entrepreneurial scene in recent years". Fortune magazine (mag) named him in the 40 under 40 list, as one of the most influential young people in business, Entrepreneur mag ME awarded, with Saygin at its helm, as the "Fastest Growing Company in the ME", while the National newspaper sees it among a handful of tech companies to "have the potential to break the $1bn barrier". In a cover story, Entrepreneur mag ME titled him as "undoubtedly one of the youngest & most successful internet entrepreneurs in the ME”, awarded as "Technology Innovator of the Year”, while Khaleej Times awarded him as the Technology Leader. Gulf Business selected him as 1 of the Top 10 Entrepreneurs in ME. In a cover story, Arabian Business counts him as 1 of the most successful entrepreneurs to call Dubai home. During the World Government Summit, HH Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed, Minister of Interior of the UAE, presented Saygin as an inspiring story for the country, in the presence of world leaders, incl. HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

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